I was never a runner much less a hurdle jumper. I tried it a few times in high school but was never able to get my short stubby legs over the hurdle without falling. They gym teacher would make me continue to try over and over until I was able to finally jump one, then two, then several. Did I fall? Oh yes, several times. If it had not been for my gym teacher being persistent with me, I would never have succeeded.

Sometimes in our lives, we have to be persistent and jump some pretty high hurdles in order to succeed. Some hurdles are more subtle than others but this I guarantee; there will always be hurdles. Stepping forward, jumping hurdles for Christ may mean exploring some unconventional choices regardless of other people’ reactions.

Think about the hurdles that Jesus had to jump during His ministry. When He was in the desert clarifying His intentions, he resolved to take his mission into the world. He too probably asked how he would do this and where to begin. Pretty big hurdle and he had no formal education, no wealthy or influential family behind him and…some of his family appeared to have regarded him as somewhat volatile, even mad. Mark 3:21 “He’s out of his mind”.

Jesus was always clever on his feet, capable of withering remarks. Jesus continued to press against the boundaries of taste and received wisdom, angering many who heard him, which set the stage for eventual arrest and execution. The accounts of the trials of Jesus face into a textual storm, as the four gospels harmonize badly there. Hurdles, hurdles, hurdles.

Our quest is to move forward jumping hurdles for Christ. When we jump though, make sure you are holding onto the savior’s hand. Make sure the jump gives you a newly sought after path from Him. The hurdle is just the block, the path is the destiny.

What hurdle are you trying to jump? Is there something on the other side that Jesus is calling you to? Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Join us today as we discuss jumping hurdles of life at

living by grace


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