While I was re-reading chapter 11 of the book of John, I set my attention on vs. 28. There is always purpose in God’s Word, Always! I have gone over it again and again and there was ONE word that stuck out in my mind; PRIVATELY. When Martha, you know, the busy gal, alerted Mary of Jesus’ arrival at the house, Martha PRIVATELY spoke to her. The image in my mind would be this. Mary is grieving over Lazarus and Martha is respecting Mary’s emotions. She finds out Jesus is at her door, but instead of yelling from the kitchen while preparing the bread, “Hey Mary, Jesus is here,” she stops what she is doing and PRIVATELY goes to Mary. She gives up what she was doing for Mary.

With our society and technology now, there is no such thing as privacy. Everyone feels they have the right or need to share what they want with the world via, facebook, Pintrest or other forms of social media. I’m not knocking down social media because there is a lot of good there, however, what has happened to PRIVACY; between friend to friend, sister to sister, employer to employee? Do we always have to let the whole world know when something is happening? Are we seeking validation? Yes, we are.

Martha was respecting Mary’s raw emotions and was very private about the whole situation. I believe that each woman in their own unique makeup, were made to serve Jesus. One woman was more outgoing, more physical and ready to go, go, go while the other was to sit at the feet of Jesus and just listen. There are times that God is going to pull us into a ministry and although we feel unprepared, He is preparing!!! He may ask us to talk to a friend, send a letter, give a hug, make a meal, clean a kitchen, watch a child; the list goes on and on. But what we are to do with the assignment is to stay PRIVATE about it. Don’t shout across the internet or even across the room that you were somewhere to help a person because God called you and you were obedient. How PRIVATE is that?

Jesus loves the Mary and Martha in each one of us ladies. He loves when we are busy for him and when we are sitting at his feet listening to his word and praying. As women, how many of us go into Superwoman Syndrome; we think we should be able to do it all, all by ourselves. I have no idea if Mary and Martha thought that? My confession: I desire to stay home but work part-time because being home is not acceptable at my age. I’m not at retirement age! I MUST contribute financially but how can I write if I go to work? The syndrome goes on and on. Did Mary and Martha feel they had to rise about on the days when they felt sick or did they suffer from feeling weak, inadequate, and vulnerable?

There again, they were probably much more PRIVATE with each other and didn’t blab to other women that they had just spent the whole day with Jesus, and then asked, What did you do today? Look at us today gals. Are we comparing our self-reliance in what the public media dictates? As true servants of God, aren’t we supposed to be more PRIVATE and be okay with staying home or going to work? Mary and Martha saw their true worth and value in Jesus; not in putting pure oil on Jesus’ feet or preparing a meal.

The few points that I want to drive home to women, and did this in a round-about way is I want each of you to realize that you are unique, created in the image of God and He loves each one of you the way that you are. The other is that when you are obeying Jesus, don’t blab to your prayer group, your Bible class or your mother all of the good you did for the Lord. I so often have to remind myself that it’s not what I do; it’s what He does within me. I am only the messenger/vessel. I will close with John 12:26…Anyone who wants to serve me must follow me, because my servants must be where I am. And, the Father will honor that.” Just be where God wants you to be, privately loving Him and serving Him.

  • Center yourself and meditate on difference between Mary and Martha. See how loved they were by Jesus.
  • As you breathe, simply allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you, reminding you that it’s okay to NOT be superwoman. Allow each breath to take you deeper into that long-awaited PRIVATE moment you are about to have with Jesus.

Oh Dear Lord, as I write this my eyes fill up, crying out for myself and other women who feel they are not complete when at home or worthy when they are trying to be a superwoman but are unsuccessful. Lord, I thank you right now that I am unemployed so that I may learn more about you and what you have in store for me. Lord, calm our anxious hearts as we try to hold onto the YOU in each breath we take. Amen.


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