Decisions! Decisions!

Holding Glasses over Bible

What do you do when you’re faced with an important decision to make? Growing up my father would read the Sunday version of the New York Times from cover to cover. He was a journalist for a huge company in New York City and following the current news was important to his job. I remember watching him always making lists of pro’s and con’s before making a decision on how he would respond to an article or for that matter, whatever decision he was facing.

One particular Sunday I asked him, “Dad, why do you make lists like that?” He replied, “Because it helps me decipher how to respond. I don’t want to rush into a decision before weighing the options.” Once my dad had his list in front of him, he would sit and stare and ponder. Was he praying? Probably; my dad didn’t make any quick decisions that I can recall. Did he make wrong decisions? Yes, we all do that. I believe he was bringing his list before the Lord and waiting for His wisdom.

We can go back to the Bible and see how some of God’s chosen waited on HIS word; waited on his prompting and then acted out in faith. I think of Noah, Abraham, Daniel, David and several others. I can just see it; they wrote their pro’s and con’s on a tablet and placed them before the Lord; well, not exactly but they all had their moments of seeking, pondering and then total surrendering to God’s direction.

The book of Proverbs is a fantastic place to camp out when you are trying to seek God’s direction. This melodic book is filled with words of wisdom. One book in particular that stands out to me today is Proverbs 25:8…Don’t take a matter to court hastily; otherwise what will you do afterwards if your opponent humiliates you? I once took a job where I did not think about anything but the money and growth…never prayed about it…never made my list…and it ultimately led to humiliation, compromise and loss of employment. I just jumped before thinking.

What decision do you need to make? The greatest moments in our lives are the moments when God intervenes on our behalf and blesses us way beyond what we expect or deserve and that is from seeking, walking in faith and loving Him. However, the flip side to that is to be careful not to step into something just for the rewards. It doesn’t work that way. God is a humble God and I am continually reminded of his sovereignty.


Dear Father, I pray for wisdom. I want to always put Your will first no matter what. Forgive me when my faith lacks and my actions do not reflect who I am in You. I give all anxieties into Your hands and leave them there. Thy will be done. Amen.


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