Are You Wining Again? It’s Okay!!!


Do you have words that heal the blues? I have some friends right now that are really struggling with some serious stuff and I don’t know if I have the words to help them heal their blues and, their blues are BIG BLUES. But, God, I have big blues too!!! What about me?

Oh my Beth, get out of your own pity-party because it aint working!!! Have you ever been there? You can help others but you want to just scream out, What about me!!! I don’t in any way try to be Joyce Myer when I say that either; although her robot motions are kinda tempting. I love listening and helping people and I love sipping coffee with friends who just need someone to lean on. I am good at that. What I am NOT good with is sharing my nitty-gritty with others. I want to, but sometimes I feel like a broken record. Been there? You’ve got all of the advice for others but can’t apply it to your own issues?

Well, through the love of Christ and some very loving gals and very supportive mom along my lifetime path, I’ve learned how to share my issues with my most trusted friends and family. I’ve learned that it’s okay to have a bout of the not-wanting-to-be-a burden-to-others but I can’t stay there. That is a dangerous place to camp out. God has gifted so many us to share His love to others that need it just at the right appointed time. There is no need to feel ashamed, shy, or undeserving of help from others. After all, isn’t it just our stinkin pride that gets in the way?MP900385327

My inner self knows when it’s time to reach out and call/text a friend for help or email my prayer group for a prayer request. Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20 NIV. I don’t know about you but I want God included in my request.

I am incorporating something new into my time with God in the morning and at night that is really helping me.  I first get my wining out. I cry, stomp, and am cranky for a few and let it all out like a nasty cut discharging infectious puss. Ewe; gross!!! Then I quiet myself with some meditation.

I’ve been dabbling with some meditation; NOT to rid my mind of things, but rather to slow down my mind for God. I have applied a mantra to my quiet time with God. I repeat the word Abba. That word to me says it all; the intimate term for God the Father. Then I thank God out loud for the blessings of my day. Yes, it is hard at times to find them or I’m so tired that I’ve missed them; but I manage to get a few out of my mouth and then there are times I can’t stop thanking God for my overflowing blessings. Most often this is only a ten-minute slow-down trip with God, who deserves so much more, but I always hear Him whisper, “Be still and know that I am God.”letting go

Oh Lord, quiet our troubled hearts and minds so that we may have special meditative time with you. Help us to not be so humble that we can’t ask for help; for prayer; for whatever it is that we need. I love you so much and thank you for the mighty work that you are doing in my life. I thank you that you don’t yell at me when I start to whine. You are so good and loving.


2 thoughts on “Are You Wining Again? It’s Okay!!!

  1. Kaye Smith April 22, 2014 / 11:23 pm

    “That is a dangerous place to camp out.” I really love that line you wrote,Beth.
    You were always so easy to be with. You have ” spiritual shine ” and so much love and respect for everyone and every thing,around you.My favorite scripture is “Be still and know that I am God”. We will wait and listen until he comes back to stop the .madness. God bless you my friend


    • Beth Farley April 23, 2014 / 2:35 pm

      Aw Kaye, thank you so much. We have shared the Lord for years together, haven’t we?!? He’s so good to us and yes, being still is such a difficult thing to do. I can do it physically but I can’t shut the brain down at times. You too are so supportive, sweet and always so positive. Blessings, Beth


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