Good Morning Again to You James!!!



Are we discriminators among ourselves and filled with evil thoughts? Believe it or not, they both go hand in hand; discrimination and being one of evil thoughts. Discrimination is so wrong on so many levels. We are all born from the same cloth of Jesus so why do we discriminate?

I have to admit, ugh, sigh, that there was a time in my life when I was so busy with “church” things that I didn’t make time for those that I “thought” were less than I. How in the world could I walk in my faith like that? I was on the Local Mission Committee for goodness sake, so what made me think that I could reach out to others when my mind was discriminating against them. Oh have I been knocked down off of my high horse and sought forgiveness for that. I try very hard not to go down that path anymore because I’ve too become the “lesser” and understand. Isn’t that just like God to put us in a place of chastisement in order to grasp who we are in Him?

In the book of James we are reminded that God chooses the poor in this world to be rich in faith. James 2:5. This is a promise from God to those who love him. How can we say that we love him and then we don’t love our neighbor or we discriminate towards someone?

How can we stop this dangerous cycle in life? We can stop this by putting our FOCUS (there’s that word again) on Jesus. He will keep our thoughts captive towards His thoughts if we look towards Him. The other is to miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, a kind word; and always striving to do the smallest things right out of love for Jesus.

Oh James, you have so much to teach me. I thank you God for inspiring your words through a man named James.  Now go and walk with simplicity on the road to God and don’t allow your spirit to be tormented by Satan. Amen.

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