Did You Snicker?


As I think about how I am loved by God, I often ask myself why? Is that wrong? Yes, of course it is. God loves us no matter what. Okay, that’s it. I got my point out in less than 50 words. Cya tomorrow! No you don’t Beth. It’s not that easy. You will dissect this concept with me thus says the Lord.

Today I was taken aback by a couple of things which I’m not at liberty to share but let’s just say that there were some things that came out of mouths that I love. These words were hurtful and not funny. I found myself fighting with my mind because I wanted to spew something back in protest to their behavior. I also wanted to chat with God first.

Maybe ones words were being spoken out of impatience, irritation or just plain ole-having-a-bad day? Maybe they thought they were being funny. Do you remember the show, Kids Say the Darndest Things? The premise of the show was that the host would ask a question to children and the children would answer in a cute and funny way. The children didn’t know any better thus showing their innocence. Well, what if we had a show now that was titled: Adults Say the Darndest Things. What would you think of that? People say whatever they want to say and have neither gentleness nor self-control. Um, that’s part of the Fruit of the Spirit and God’s Word reminds us to live by the Spirit.

As a writer, I listen to what people say because there is usually a story behind their words. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but it’s what I do.  We need to change. We need to stop saying things about others who need help. We need to stop laughing at inappropriate jokes. We need to stop blasting others on social media. I’m preaching to myself as well. Oh yes, I’ve been caught doing the all of the above a time or two in my life and believe me, I’ve not liked it and have had to repent.

How in the world can we get ourselves away from this behavior? We must build ourselves up on our most holy faith by praying in the Spirit (see Jude 20) and continually feed our spirits and renew our minds with the Word of God, because faith comes by hearing the Word and strengthens our inner man. We must also worship God as well.

The reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Psalm 111.10

We are not being faithful, obedient or wise when we behave inappropriate. If you will read the book of Proverbs and look at all of the radical promises that are made to the person who walks in wisdom, and then realize that being in God’s Word is the beginning step to wisdom, I think we will think twice about snickering at someone or laughing at that dirty joke.

Oh God, help me. I am so much of my own flesh. Help me to use wisdom and discernment when I feel I am at liberty to say what I want, laugh at something you would cry at and snicker at someone’s undeniable need for acceptance and love. May we all come to you on our hands and knees and ask for forgiveness.


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