Mop My Own Mess


            Her 21st birthday! Where did the time go? It was like yesterday when I was holding her tightly against my chest all swaddled in her soft baby smelling blanket. Time goes by so fast and as you age it goes by even faster. I wish I had understood this more when I was a young mother. I was so concerned about the floors being mopped, the bathrooms being cleaned and the dishes being washed. I didn’t dare have a dirty house or an unwashed load of laundry on the floor. 

            Why? Why did I find that all so important? In exploring this question, all I can say is that I was wired that way. I had to be perfect. I had to have my children clothed in perfectly clean clothing (not necessarily new) but clean. I had to take them to every function at the church. I had to serve on every committee and invite everyone to my neatly presentable home. I could not have any flaws in any of this. If I did, I felt inadequate and unable to serve God.

            Oh my, what bondage. I’m not staying in bondage though. I was a good mother, good wife and good Christian. I just had my priorities very twisted. I look back and say, “If only I tossed around the ball a little more with my son. If only I played dolls more with my daughter. If only I just laid there in the grass looking at the clouds with my kids just a little more.”

            I have made some terrible mistakes in life but the only one that is punishing me is myself! God is not in the business of punishing. He disciplines but He does not punish. How can we avoid this kind of mentality? We can avoid it by putting all of our FOCUS on God. I was so focused on what the church was thinking, what my friends were seeing and what the community was hearing about me and my family that I forgot the opinion of the most important person in my life; the person that mattered the most; God!

FOCUS: Faith on Christ Under Stress….Living a life where you feel you have to be so perfect only causes stress. It causes you to keep one-upping something and before you know it; your ability to one-up yourself becomes impossible to do.  Determine what you need to trim out of your life to make time for God. Make an agreement with God so that you will rest in Him knowing that it’s okay to veer off of your schedule from time to time.


For you serve the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:24

The sweetness of the lips increases learning. The heart of the wise teaches his mouth, and adds learning to his lips. Proverbs 16:21;23.


What is it that you need to put down to gain more time with your children; your husband; your friends or family? Can’t the dishes wait?

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