FOCUS on Happiness



          Is it true that happy women live better? I don’t know if I would be an expert on the subject but I do believe that when we walk in joy; we personify happiness.  Am I always happy? No! It takes effort and is a decision I wrestle with often.  Have you ever found yourself struggling with happiness? You want to be happy and realize that you have so many blessings around you but that “happy-feeling” doesn’t reside in you.Image

          I know what causes my unhappiness at times; it’s my doubt. Let me explain. I get an idea to write a on a topic and procrastinate because I don’t think I’m qualified enough, smart enough or good enough to produce a crisp article. Why do I allow Satan to do this to me? I know I’ve been called to write but he gets into my head every time I sit before my computer. He gets a hold of my thoughts and antagonizes me.

          I read about a woman who was such a procrastinator with her writing that from time to time she has stop and put a plan-of-action into place. When she is totally unnerved, she books a hotel room right down the street from her house and writes without any interruptions. She figures it’s worth wasting the money if she can finish a project without distractions. She realizes that she is a recovering procrastinator with a tendency to relapse. I can relate! I have to establish some sort of schedule and try not to veer from it.

          The very first thing that I do when I sit at my computer is pray. I ask God to keep my FOCUS on Him and not allow the enemy to rob me of any joy in writing. Also, at least once a week if not twice, I slip off to a café to write. I have to get out of my own home; the sounds of the washer going, the howling of my dog (although it’s cute) and the never ending sound of the television playing in the background. I admit it! I have a short attention span.

          I do find myself energized and very happy when I can be alone with God allowing Him the time to talk to my brain and guide my words. What do you do when you know the enemy is robbing you of your joy; distracting you from a calling from God? Maybe God has been calling you to have lunch with an unsaved neighbor. Maybe God has been calling you to lead a Sunday school group. Maybe God has been asking you to host a luncheon in your home. Whatever it is that He has called you to, don’t allow Satan to rob you of your joy in your calling.Image

You reveal the path of life to me;

In Your presence is abundant joy;

In Your right hand are eternal pleasures.

Psalm 16:11 HCSB


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