Weaving Words and Weaving Fabric Become One


            I have decided to take on sewing again. I have not sewed since I was a child so this task is a little challenging to me; however, I’m finding it fun. I find it fun as long as I remember to only work on a project when I’m in the mood. If it sits at my desk where I write and starts to get on my nerves, I just move it aside until it’s time to stitch.

            I wish sometimes I could do that with my writing. I HAVE to write. I can’t put it aside. Even though it is very challenging at times, I have to do it; and thank God that most often I do find it fun.

            Due to lack of space in my home, I’ve been forced to share my writing desk, my beloved sanctuary where weaving of words happens with my new sewing hobby.  I didn’t want to give it up but I had no other choice. I refuse to put it on the dining room table because that is where we share our meals.

            I’ve gotten used to it now though. I just put the sewing machine down when I need to take out my lap top. I slip the lap top down when I want to sew. It’s actually working out well. I was able to take what I thought would be an impossible compromise and make it work.

            God is so much like this. He takes the fabric of our lives where we don’t want to compromise and turns them into beautiful weavings. So often I’ve stomped and kicked at the dirt arguing with God about something that He wants me to do. I don’t want to compromise my income. I don’t want to compromise my time and I don’t want to compromise my lifestyle. I want to stay right where I am and not have to take one inch of compromise off of my desk.

            If we don’t allow God to weave our being into FOCUS with His being, how on earth are we going to grow? How can we serve God when we don’t want to compromise? He desires to take ever part of our lives and weave it into a beautiful masterpiece.

James 1:4 So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything! (Even sewing)!


What does compromise mean to you and are you afraid to be asked to compromise something for God?  

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