Praying in my Meeting House



In my meeting house sits my spirit. While I wait for Christ to arrive, I start to ponder. What kind of person does God use to change the course of history?

God uses those to whom He can entrust the deepest things of His heart through prayer. Prayer releases our lives to the Father and gives Him unhindered access to use us to accomplish His will.

But…what if we don’t know how to pray? If God is instructing you, He’ll come to you and guide you. I think of Charles Spurgeon; what a servant of God and at such a young age. He started his service for the Lord in a small meeting house. At seventeen years old he was preaching three times on Sunday and five times a week. He was not ashamed to be a follower of the Lamb of God.

I ask myself, what goes on in my meeting house? In my meeting house, God sets the pace, then chooses and calls me to walk with Him so that He can complete His purpose through me. I know that by prayer what God’s will is for my life and as I begin to obey Him, He accomplishes it through me. In turn, my world and my generation are hopefully affected by my love of my LORD.

In my prayer life I try to release myself to the will of the Father, so Almighty God can use such a plain person such as me to reach out to the hurting and confused people. God desires to shape the prayer lives of His people every day and He wants us to realize that His ways are right and be convinced through prayer that He is in control                                 .Image

To continue in this kind of prayer please enter into your meeting house, follow the obedience of God’s will then you will hear these words from God, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:21.


Luke 19:46a My house is a house of prayer…


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