Jesus in the Glove

I don’t normally post a book review but I have to share this one with my friends and family who like to read clean fiction.

The Fight by Luke Wordley



I first saw this book on the shelf in the Christian Book Store that I work at and thought it was a man’s book. After being asked to read the story, I was proven wrong.

First of all, if you want to hear a few trailers given by the author you MUST go to his website. His voice is amazing. He also has such a warmth and compassion in his journey in writing the story. It took him ten years to complete The Fight and the way he explains how and why he put it down is understanding to me as a writer myself.

The character Sam is a young troubled teenage boy who finds himself extremely angry when he looses his dad on a farm accident and his mom becomes unable to cope and uses alcohol to escape the pain. The only way Sam can deal with the pain is to fight. Ultimately his anger and fighting leads him to a boxing ring. There he meets a man named Jerry who has experienced many rough days of his own. Jerry is a man who reaches out to teens and ultimately he and Sam establish a relationship that takes all sorts of twists and turns.

I really appreciated how Jerry got right up in Sam’s face at times to remind him of Jesus’ loves and that he was given opportunities Jerry never had.

My heart raced during some of the fights. My heart sank with Sam’s mother’s sadness. My heart jumped for joy at the tenderness of a relationship between boy and man who both…Oh I can’t say, that will give it away.

As you all know I am trying to write more than just my blog and this author really inspired me with his love for the Lord and his diligence in keeping on the journey.


2 thoughts on “Jesus in the Glove

  1. Norma June 12, 2014 / 6:22 pm

    Hi Beth, I hope the swelling is gone from your leg. I just finished a wonderful book by Karen Kingsbury,  THE CHANCE.  It is a Christian Fiction written by a Christian Author. In God We Trust        Norma   


  2. Beth Farley June 12, 2014 / 6:47 pm

    I love her books. Her next book is being release July 1st. I pre-ordered it. It’s called The Family of Jesus. It’s a collection of short stories, about Jesus’ relatives. I think it’s being made into a Bible Study as well. Yes, my legs are a little better. I’ve kept them up since I got off of work. Well, as much as possible. Love ya, Beth


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