Turkey in June?

Who ever said you Can’t Cook a turkey in June? I had a turkey in my freezer (no not from Thanksgiving) and thought I’d cook it. Most would say that’s a stupid thing to do on a very hot June day but I say, “Why not?” Why can’t we break out of the society mold and be different?photo

It’s that ole case of approval addiction that creeps into our lives when we are different. We want the approval of others with just about everything we say or do. I feel so badly for women who are overweight. I am one of them. I feel badly, because unfortunately men (sorry guys) want women to look like the models in the latest fashion magazine. I’m not that, never have been that and never will be that. People who can’t look at what I’ve got to offer on the inside will have to turn their head in a different direction. I may have thick thighs, flabby arms and a double dereire, but my heart is filled with love and joy and willingness to look past the outer appearance of others. Probably because I am overweight and insecure about that. I read the following quote:

Things happen to beautiful women. Things come to beautiful women. Material things, if you want them. Money and jewels and clothes and motors. Or things more real if you like; friends, sympathy, contentment. People seek beauty. If you are beautiful they will seek you, surround you, serve you. Love will come to you, a beautiful home, beautiful children. Fulfillment will come to you, meaning, a purpose in life.

There, I have dared to write them all down . These are the reasons you want to be beautiful. Are they not? Why do we bother to evade and conceal them? They are the truth. And, finer, more nature; and significant truths than govern half our acts and longings…Beautiful women live fully, intensely, superbly. It has always been so.
Dorothy Cocks,
The Etiquette of Beauty 1927

Isn’t that sad!!!

Beth 2014

So today, I am cooking a turkey on a hot June day. I accept being different from what others might do. I am picturing myself as a twenty-first century woman who gathers together with other women on the bank of a river for prayer. I picture myself as Lydia who had an open heart to receive what Jesus had for her.
Acts: 10:34 ….Then Peter began to speak, “Now I really understand that God doesn’t show favoritism, (35) but in every nation the person who fears Him and does righteousness is acceptable to Him. 

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