A Loss for Words




Writers Block? I can’t be the only writer on the face of the earth that struggles from time to time with what to write? I thought writer’s-block only happened to fiction writers. They can’t figure out their next plot or character name or where the story needs to take a drastic turn. NO! It’s happening to me, the lover of non-fiction. I don’t want to repeat what I’ve said a dozen or more times. So, what do you do?

Normally when I go to my local library I pick up my books. Usually pressed for time, I go in, grab my stash of books off the hold shelf, go to the self-check-out station and make my exit.

The other day I had some spare time and decided to browse the non-fiction section. I dashed over to my normal spot, the 242.00 Spiritual/Christian section. I have read most of the titles there so I decided to walk up and down and look at the subjects. Low and behold it came to me.

I could write about so many subjects. I looked at the knitting books and crafted a mini-story about the time my car was stolen with my brand new knitting needles in it. I looked at the gluten-free cook books and thought about how I could write about my own of how I dabbled with gluten-free cooking. I looked at the fishing books, reflected and silently laughed about the time, in one summer, I hooked my father’s hand and husbands eye with my mean cast. Yea, I’ll share that one some other time. I went to the etiquette section and starting plotting an article about how kids talk now compared to how I talked when I was a little girl.

Oh yes, there is so much I want to devour on those shelves. Walking down row after row of books allowing my fingers to caress the spines of different subjects gave me a spark. I looked around the thousands of books beyond the titles and I saw miracles everywhere. Clearly, it takes considerable research to pull off an informative article but perusing the library shelves reminded me that it’s a real treat to put together the puzzle of a story page by page and how blessed I feel to be given the desire and gift to do so.

Lord, I saw thousands of books kept in Dewey-decimal order for my fingers to touch, for my eyes to see and for my mind to digest. I thank you for my hands that they may write a story to bless someone or at the very least entertain them.

If you are a writer, what do you do when you have writer’s block? Come chat with us at Living by Grace.living by grace

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