A Bottle of Messy Hair Dye



Day 4 Survival

My daughters friend came over and summoned my daughter to dye her hair. Her friend has always had long beautiful blonde hair but wanted to add some white highlights. My backyard was instantly transformed into a styling salon and away they began.
My daughter does Not have her license to do hair but she has changed her hair at least 100 shades of blonde, black, red and yes gray over the last eight years that she’s got lots of experience with the in-home-hair kits.
After hours of pulling, stripping, rinsing and conditioning, the hair turned out beautiful. It was now long, luscious and favored the white that she wanted.
When you make a major change in your hair, you should always give it 48 hours before reacting. When she left she appeared happy. It looked beautiful with her tan and blue eyes.
Not even 12 hours later, her friend went to a professional and asked her to fix the white. It was too white for her. She was freaking out. The beautician took out her tools and began to fix the hair.
When she returned to visit us that night, her hair was almost brown. It had some blonde left in it but for the most part it was brown and almost looked wet.
She was hysterical. She kept flipping her hair. She kept looking in the mirror and almost crying over the darkness. She hated it again.

As she was inspecting her hair in the mirror dangling around her shoulders, all I could think about was my own mess dangling around my body. I saw my messy mistakes and sins.
Our messes can be our message.

While I’m embarrassed by my blunders, I’m also glad to have firsthand experienced how capable of survival I am.
I don’t know what messes are threatening to crash down on your already emotional self; but there are always lessons to learn through the mess.
Whatever your circumstances, the galvanizing truth of God’s Word is that nothing can change the ending of the super natural story we’ve been written into.
NOTHING can separate us from the love of God. I don’t know about you but when I feel like a hot mess, that is the most comforting thing to think about. No matter what is going on in our little corner of life’s coliseum, Jesus is right there with you.
Turn your mess into another lesson learned. God’s love frees us from our messes so that we can live with thankfulness and peace.

Psalm 77:11-12 NIV… I will remember the deeds of the LORD, yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago; I will meditate on all your words and consider all your mighty deeds.

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