The Lose Boards of my Life … by Beth Farley


I was walking over the bridge which leads to my community pool when I started to feel one of the wooden planks let loose. I stopped immediately enamored with a fearful heart. Looking down at my feet realizing it wasn’t the board at all; it was a huge nut of some sort that threw me off.

In that very brief moment of gripping fear of falling through the board into the murky creek, my voice cracked out, “Oh God!”

What does “Oh God” mean to you? Oh God means a desperate prayer.

Have you ever experienced a loss for prayer-words when all you could say was Oh God? Have you ever felt backed into a corner in fear being faced with some past mistake?

There was an Old Testament man named Jacob; known as the Schemer, who cheated his own brother then his father-in-law. Eventually years of living fearful of his own life, Jacob finally faced his brother. He prayed before that knee trembling confrontation. (Gen. 32:9-12)

What can we do when we are walking in fear and desperately approaching God in prayer for help?

Sometimes when I’m feeling torn and battered and I’m at a loss for words, I just thank Him. I thank Him for the opportunity of every breath I’m able to take.

I sometimes just praise Him; telling Him how worthy He is of more praises than I give.

Remember his promises, some days I wake with a cloud around my heart and it dulls everything except the weight I carry inside. But today…I rose to the light of God’s grace that never vanishes and you can too.

Jacob walked before the loose boards of his life and was blunt saying, “save me, I pray from the hand of my brother, Esau.” (v11)

Not all of our loose boards in life are a direct result of our scheming or manipulating others; we just may be experiencing being drawn into another’s negative choice.
When we don’t know which turn to take, remember you can walk over your lose board with the confidence of knowing it will all work out.securedownload

Exodus 14:13-14 HCSB
But Moses said to the people, “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and see the LORD’S salvation He will provide for you today; for the Egyptians you see today, you will never see again. The LORD will fight for you; you must be quiet.

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