Big Challenge by Beth Farley

My recent relocation to Houston brought it’s first BIG challenge today. I was about to panic but for some “Godly” reason, I didn’t.

I had finished unpacking another box and ran a few errands when I decided it was time to relax and stretch in the pool. It was such a hot day and just getting in and relaxing was all I wanted to do.

I grabbed my sun block, towel, and raft, headed out the door and plunged right in. It felt so good. I began to read a bit and relax when my son came home from work and checked on me in the back yard. He said he was going to the gym and would be back in a bit.

I continued to relax but after about an hour of the hot Houston sun, I decided it was time to go in and tackle some writing. I wrapped up in my towel, put my raft away and headed for the back door.

Oh no; it was locked! I went around to the front door. Oh no; it was locked too! I figured my son couldn’t be too long so I lathered on more sun block, got on the raft, opened my book, and again, began to relax.feet in pool

I kept my eye on the clouds in the distance. The weather report said only a 30% chance of rain. Well, in Missouri where I came from 30% was a very low percentage. I guess in Houston, it usually means a good chance of a pop up storm but most often is short lived.

Out of no where the wind began to kick up. The leaves were falling off the trees like a blustery fall day, and the clouds instantly overtook the sun filled sky. I quickly re-gathered my raft, my chair, my towel, sunblock and book and took cover under the awning.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

I didn’t know what to do. My cell phone was in the house along with my key. So, I took a deep breath and began to pray. “Lord, please keep me safe and bring my son home quickly.”

I’m not kidding, within five minutes my son pops out through the back door. He asks, “You just now got out of the pool?” I looked at him, with bottom lip quivering and said, “You locked me out.” In an instant we were laughing. He then said, “I knew there was a reason for me to come home sooner.” In an instant I quietly said, “Thank you God.”

Psalm 18:1: I love you Lord. You are my strength. NLT


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