Bring on the Hospitality…by BethFarley



I offered to stay home today, (son’s house) because a new washer & dryer was being delivered. I found this to be a perfect time to do some writing. After starting on a draft to an article, there was a knock at the front door.

It was the delivery man. He said to me, “I am here to pick up your refrigerator.” With jaw dropping and eyes open wide, I said, “What?” He looked at me very serious and then cracked a smile. “I’m just kidding.” He proceeded to visit with me a little bit then got down to business. He unloaded the washer and dryer and hooked them up. When he was finished, I signed the paperwork and he was back to his truck and down the road.

After starting some laundry in the new washer, just about the time my thoughts for my article were coming together there was another ring of the doorbell. Being in a new location and no peek hole in the door I was hesitant to open the door but it rang again. I nervously made my way to the door, cautiously opened it just a crack only to find biggest smile ever and a plate of cookies on the other side.

Hospitality is a lost art. I remember the days when new people would move in and I did the same thing. I either brought them a baked good or just went over to introduce myself. Not too many people have the time or perform this lost art or rather MAKE the time to welcome someone new into their neighborhood.As Christians aren’t we supposed to be hospitable?

Be hospitable to one another without complaining.
1 Peter 4:9…HCSB

The smile behind the door with the homemade cookies stayed for a while and shared some conversation with me. She was the nicest person and I am very thankful for her true kindness. She gave me her phone # just in case. She gave me some tips about the community and offered to go with me to my first kidney appointment in Texas. Now that’s hospitality!

For my friends back home, thank you for praying for God to bring a friend to my doorstep; He literally delivered

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