God in the Nail Salon…by Beth Farley


While tootling around this new huge city that I live in, I decided to go treat myself to a pedicure. Now, I don’t normally throw money around like that but let me tell ya, these feet were killing me and looking pretty bad.

I had been on my tired worn out feet for weeks non stop. With packing and loading boxes and then unpacking and putting things in their proper place; I’ve been overdoing it and my legs and feet were in chronic pain.

Not sure of where to go, I found the closest salon, which was right around the corner from the house, and parked myself down. First of all, the salon was beautiful as well as incredibly clean. I’ve been to some nail salons where it looked dirty and unsanitary, but this one was very clean and smelled delightful. I began to panic about how much it would cost though.

They called me back, made the temperature just right, turned on the massage chair and I began to relax. At that point it could have cost $100.00 and I wouldn’t have cared; Bring it on! I was just relaxing in this threshold of pure bliss as I received my hot stone foot massage.

Twenty minutes into my wonderful pedi, a woman sat next to me and we began to visit. She was so kind and very knowledgeable about the area. Come to find out she lives just a few block away. Who would have thought?

Sometimes God shows up in the strangest places or at times when we least expect Him to. God was spending time with us in the nail salon.

This woman told me about the neighborhood pool, the community face book page and where the churches are. Yes, A Christian! God had brought a Christian to the nail salon and she even gave me her name and contact information. That is an awesome God!!!

Not only did God bring a Christian to the nail salon who was willing to give me her contact information, but pedi package I chose came with an unexpected shoulder rub. What? Yes, while my feet were drying under the light, my shoulders were rubbed. All for $32.00! I let my head hang and repeatably thanked God for the pleasurable experience.

I will thank the Lord because He is just;
I will sing praises to the name of the Lord Most High.
Psalm 7:17 NLT

Where have you seen God show up unexpectedly? We’d love to hear your story.

Join us today at:Living by Grace

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