Coffee Shop Freak

One thing I miss about where I lived is the Starbucks across the street, the Barnes & Noble around the corner, and the Caribou House two blocks down, oh yea and the Panera that I often walked to. I am a coffee house freak. I love to unwind and hit the coffee shops to write. I love to write at home too but there is something about “people watching” that inspires me.

I finally found a coffee shop within just about five minutes from the house. It’s called The Daily Brew. I ordered a plain cup of coffee, read my magazines and looked at their newspaper stand. There were several free hand out papers for people who are new to the area. That’s me; new to the area!

Feeling a little down while sipping my coffee, I opened up one of the freebee papers. Fumbling through the many adds for either churches, spiritual guides and Christian businesses I stumbled upon the page that talked about God’s Mighty Names. 
I came to Houston for many reasons, which I would rather not discuss at this time but one was to find my relationship with Christ. I don’t want to be religious but rather engaged in a relationship with Christ. I don’t want to focus on rules, the style or the performance of church. I want to be in a church that puts me in God’s presence. I want to be fixated on the presence, willingly offering what I have to offer, bond with not only the internal but external and thirst for more.

Although I have been writing about Christian matters over the last two years, I still hunger for more. I love being in the hungry mode because then I know I’m on the right track.

I want to get so secure in my walk that I am able to lean on the entire personality of God with absolute trust. I want to have confidence in His power and wisdom.

How about you? What are you searching for? Are you looking for a church home? Are you looking for a quiet retreat with Him? I’d love to hear about what you’re longing for.

I really like my new coffee-shop hang out. I love that it is filled with good Christian literature and that I stepped into it today as it not only fed my need for a caffein fix, but it fed my soul.

John 14:6…Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: No one comes to me but except through the Father. K


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