Knives in the Sink


bloody finger

I have written several blogs pertaining to the negatives of the cyber world but tonight… Face-time was on my side.

You see, I had another incident with a knife tonight. Those stupid, efficient Cutco knives did it to me again. I was doing dishes and the knife was up and my finger went down, right onto the blade. Next thing I saw was blood in the sink and I was reaching for a cloth. I know better than to put knives like that in the sink. I guess I was just being absent-minded.securedownload-17

As usual, no one was here. Do I get stitches or do I go to the drug store to get Liquid Stitch? I opted for the Liquid Stitch. If you ever need to use that stuff, be prepared for PAIN!!! But although no one was here my son Face-timed me and walked me through it. I know he also wanted to make sure I took care of the wound and didn’t just brush it off like a paper cut.

Now I’m all bandaged, sitting back typing out this blog with some difficulty due to the right pinky sticking straight up, but I couldn’t wait to share my story of how I felt loved and felt like another challenge was met.securedownload-19

God softly whispered, “You’ll get through this. You fear you won’t , but you will.” I know He was talking about much more than my wounded finger. He was talking to my broken heart.

In that Face-time moment with my son, I suddenly didn’t feel so alone. In that quiet moment with God, I KNEW I wasn’t alone.

God gets us through the Red-Sea onto dry land. Ex: 14:22

I’m on dry land once again. Thanks Bud…and thank you God.victory in Jesus


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