Who Can Concentrate…by Beth Farley

th panic

It’s been a struggle to stay on task today. I woke up not feeling great but I was also dealing with my finger still bleeding and throbbing. It didn’t stop me though from getting some writing done. I’ve learned that typing without a pinky finger is very tricky.

I was on a roll for about three hours this morning. Once I had my rough draft of my article done I took a break. When I felt I could return to my work, I pounded away at the keys for about another two hours.

But while writing, my concentration sank. My internet went down. Once it returned, I struggled getting logged back on. Then I had a disturbing conversation that just zapped me of my energy. Have you ever had one of those days where nothing is going your way?

The conversation was bad. The words stung as bad as my finger and the outcome was the same; not good. Why do we have to endure days like this? Cut and throbbing fingers and plagued with bad discussions was not what I intended for this day.

I guess I have to sit back and put things in their proper perspective. My situation isn’t the greatest and many days I feel alone, but there are always two ways of looking at it. I can see only the clouds; or I can remember the silver lining.

It was a bad couple of days but the good days are yet to come. I can endure this season because there are seasons in our lives that that’s all we’re supposed to do; endure. Then there are seasons in our lives where the harvest is so great and the rewards are abundant on this magnificent journey.

To whom the bad conversations were had: Let’s not have them any more. To you I want to reach the farthest peak in the distance and gently climb along this path.


For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for HIS good pleasure.
Php 2:13


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