A Change of Pace





Every now and then I post a book review and here is one below. I highly suggest this book if you are seeking God’s will but don’t want a non-fiction telling you the do’s and don’ts’. I am not putting them down, but rather saying that sometimes we need a change of pace.

The Trail by Ed Underwood
As the wind blew the leaves on their trail, the wind blew here as well. I felt every part of their journey as they needed to know what God’s will was for their lives.

When Matt and Brenda trekked the High Sierras to find God’s will they had me following every unknown step of the way. As I am in a new territory, I related so well to Mr. Underwood’s tale of seeking and finding God’s will for your life.

Some of the best quotes were, “Stay on the Trail,” “Keep moving,” and “Trust me.” These were not only words that Matt shouted to his wife at one point in the story but they are the very same words that God speaks to us as we are trying to follow his will step-by-step.

This book was well written and kept my interest from cover to cover. It was a change of pace for me to read a novel regarding God’s will that was not a true non-fiction. This story didn’t let me down.

Beth Farley

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