Isolation: by Beth Farley

securedownload-21Here I sit on a sunny Monday evening. My world is not full of going out with friends or stoking the grill with family. No, my world is sitting and reading books on how to write a great query letter or book proposal. Why? Because I’m called to it.

Most writers struggle with isolation from time to time but I struggle with it every day because I’m by myself almost every day. I relocated to Texas for many reasons and one of them was to concentrate on my writing. I’ve been a free lancer writer for two years and although I’ve had several things published, my hearts desire is to have my devotion, Lipstick Moments published.

In order to accomplish this though, I need to take in all of the insightful information that my writing friends have shared with me along the way. I have to remember the following things:securedownload-22

1.This is a business and I need to treat it like one. I can’t dabble here and there. I need to grind away at this every day for several hours. Some days I need to query and other days write. Some days I need to dedicate to research and other days write. In other words, I have to devote most of my day to this job.
2. I need to remember that if it’s a calling; then it will happen. I have to remember to ask God’s blessing every day and ask Him for His direction before I write one word.
3. I need to remember that isolation is part of my career path. It is a solitary pursuit. I have to lock myself away in my office, turn on my favorite music and cut myself off from the world. That means, the phone gets put on silent. The laundry is not priority and running errands is not intended for this creative time.

Because we often struggle with the isolation and yet love it all at the same, it is always beneficial to find a writing buddy that would like to carve out time to write with you or join a writers group; like minds; crafty individuals who have also chosen this path.

We are not put on any path in life to endure it alone. God’s word tells us that if One falls down, his friend can help him up. But, pity the man who falls down and has no one to help him up! Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV

I’m curious, how do you deal with isolation? You don’t have to be a writer to feel isolated. Please share with me.



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