Baking & Breaking Bread…Beth Farley




Baking Bread to Breaking Bread: My Thoughts on Communion

Those of you who have been following my Facebook page, have seen the pictures of the various types of bread I’ve been making. Some have been through the bread machine and others through the oven. In the last six weeks, my mid-life whatever-it-is has taken me back to my domestic 20’s and 30’s.

Some of the breads have looked a little misshapen but nonetheless, they have tasted great; all of them. The whole bread-making thing got me to thinking bout the various types of breads that are served during communion at church.

Some churches use wafers, nuggets of wavers, matzoh bread or real bread. Some churches even serve gluten-free bread. I was raised Catholic and was served wafers my whole life. The first time I had to pick from a real loaf of bread I was very uncomfortable. I felt like it was not the real deal because of what I was used to. Is it the element that matter? Of course not.

The body of Christ our Savior is represented by the host, wafer or loaf of bread. It resembles His body that hung on the cross and His resurrected body from the tomb.

I love the 9th chapter of Nehemiah where the Israelites assembled, fasted and prayed. They stood up and said, “Praise Yahweh! You God from everlasting to everlasting.” If you skip down to verse 14 and the first part of 15 you will see the great reminder of God’s provisions for them. “You revealed your Holy Sabbath to them and gave them the commands, statutes, and instruction through your servant Moses. You provided bread from heaven for their hunger; water from the rock for their thirst.”

Going back to communion again, Jesus is our bread from heaven. It is Jesus who goes to the Father on our behalf. He became flesh to die for our flesh. He is our Prince of Peace. It does not matter what kind of communion element is served or how often your church celebrates communion together. What matters is that you personally remember that the element resembles the Body of Christ.

I challenge you that next time you partake in communion, reflect on Jesus being your Mana from heaven. I challenge you to ask Him to forgive you of your sins and then to feel cleansed.

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