Being Organized in God’s Plan…Beth Farley


I’ve been here in Houston for six weeks now and I feel like I’m finally getting somewhat organized, not routine but certainly organized.
For a while I was living between two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a couch, twin bed and a queen bed. I was in one room, switched to another only to find myself sleeping on the couch most nights. I had stuff everywhere. Toiletries and dirty laundry were strewn about in various bathrooms.
I finally took a weekend, and I’m talking a whole weekend and got myself into one room with one bed. All of my clothes now hang in one closet. My boxes of toiletries are now strategically placed into the cabinets and drawers of one bathroom. I now know where the Band-Aids are as well as a pair of tweezers.
I think it took me a while to get unloaded and organized because I kept questioning my move to Houston to begin with. Am I doing what God wants? Am I really where God wants me to be? Did I miss something? I kept thinking I heard God wrong but through more recent circumstances, I know I am where I need to be; for my physical health as well as my mental health.
I know God is not the author of confusion but I also know that upsetting changes in our lives can possibly be God ordained. How do we really know if we are hearing correctly from God? How do we know if we are truly in His will and being obedient? I not only thought about these questions over the last several weeks but the very same question was asked in my Sunday school class by another woman. How do we know we are truly hearing from God?

We know we are on the right path when we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit is within us to guide and help us make right choices. Some say to follow your heart; I don’t agree with that. My heart is so wishy-washy that if I were to follow it, I would be in a whole world of trouble; which I’ve been many times in my life.

Spending time with God is so important. If we are not taking the time to really sit and visit with God, casting our concerns at His feet, then how are we going to know what to do when faced with a challenge? Would you tell a stranger all of your troubles and take their advise or would you take the advise from a trusted best friend? That’s what God is; your trusted best friend. Know Him and He will guide you.

Get to know God’s promises in His Word. There is so much wisdom and knowledge poured out onto the pages of the Bible by people who have been there, done that. Joseph, Mary, Noah, Moses, Sarah, Ruth, Naomi, Joshua, Elizabeth and so many more, who know first hand what it is like to follow the will of God under uncertain circumstances. Read the accounts recorded by Paul, Timothy and Silas, or Mark and Matthew…They had dark times and certainly times of uncertainty. Read their triumphant stories to help encourage yourself.

Knowing God’s will is probably the hardest struggle Christians have. Our hearts desire is to do His will but we don’t want to fail or make mistakes along the way. Guess what? We’re going to! That’s just life. We are human, God knows that, loves us anyway and will never leave us nor forsake us.

So, what’s holing you back from knowing God’s will  right now? Are you under a cloud of darkness? Are you struggling financially or emotionally or both? Get to know the Author and Perfecter of your life.



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