Fridge, Friends & French-fries…Beth Farley




I threw up my hands, looked up and said, “No more God! I can’t take any more!” It was a day of one disaster after another. By the time I actually sat down late last night, I wept. I wept in frustration and in joy.

We experienced a HUGE thunder and lightning storm yesterday. The bottom fell out and saturated us with 4 inches within 30 minutes. I mean this was a storm like I’ve never experienced before.

I was outside filming it on my cell phone when a violent crack of lightning hit. I felt it in my body, my cell phone was blinking and I screamed. I made a mad dash into the house. I was shaking so badly; but I was not the only one. My little dog was so scared it literally scared the poop out of her. (TMI?) She never has accidents in the house, but this storm was loud and tormenting both of us.

The raging storm lasted for over a half an hour. I didn’t think it would ever stop. I finally pealed myself from the couch and walked around the house to check for any damage. Sure enough, there was plenty.

There was a smoldering smoke smell in my sons room. The TV fried, the Direct TV fried and the internet fried. I quickly unplugged everything. I went upstair to my room and sure enough the TV up there was fried and Direct TV box  as well.

Before making a call to my son, I went to get some water out of the brand new fridge only to find that it had been hit as well. I ran extension cords all over the house trying and re-trying outlets; but to no avail. The fridge was shot. I heard a beeping noise in the laundry room. The washer had shut itself off because there was water dripping on the outlet. This is when my nerves started to fry as well. And to top it off, I had to miss my Beth Moore Bible Study group.

I had to break all of this news to my son who is on business in Alabama. I had to talk to several insurance companies, appliance companies but no one would allow me to make a claim because I am not the policy holder. Fair enough!

What a pity party I was having. Everyone knew my tragedy. Everyone knew my problems because I couldn’t just rest in God’s peace; no, I had to cry and whine to others. Does that make me a failure in God’s faith department?

Absolutely not; God tells us to get comfort from other wise men/women. Proverbs 17:17 says A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Let’s look at Job’s tory. He lost cattle, family and even his wife told him to “curse God and die!” Job 2:9. In his opening speech in chapter 3 Job begins to speak and curse the day he was born. I could just picture him throwing his hands up in the air as I did, saying, “What on earth God. STOP!”

What I really love about Job’s story though is the loving tenderness of his best friends. They came in along side of him and sat with him. They comforted him because they had heard of all of his tragedy.

Job 2:12: When they looked from a distance, they could barely recognize him. They WEPT ALOUD and each man tore his robe and threw dust into the air and on his head.

By the end of the day, my new church friend was able to get me a loaner fridge. My neighbor had brought me wings and French-fries and my ever-so-faithful friends from Missouri rallied around my phone sending me encouraging text messages.

After my little pity part; that lasted way too long, I was finally able to put things into perspective and see the beauty of friendships, a fridge and French-fries.

Job 1:20 Then Job stood up, tore his robe, and shaved his head. He fell to the ground and worshiped, saying:
Naked I came
from my mother’s womb,
and naked I will leave this life.
The LORD gives, and the LORD takes away.
Praise the name of Yahweh.

Have you had your own pity party lately? How did you work through it? Join us as we discuss this topic at living by by grace

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