Beyond I Do…Going Without Knowing

Ruth 1:8-22


What is it that keeps us from our calling? I have often asked this question when leading a devotion or Bible Study. The #1 answer has always been fear and self-preservation.

We try to protect ourselves from any danger that we THINK might be lurking behind the will of God.

Ainsley’s greatest barrier in surrendering in the book Beyond I Do by Jennifer Slattery was her inability to totally surrender to God; but she eventually learned how to die to herself to serve Him. Does anyone know that feeling? I know I do.

Just four months ago I was living my life in Missouri feeling much self-pity, when I felt God prompting me to move to Texas. I didn’t know why. With much fear and trepidation, I tip toed towards Houston by faith but also asking God why.

I am now teaching a Bible Study that I’ve written for a women’s Sunday School class in my church, and I am guiding younger women in their walk with the Lord. I had NO idea I was going to be doing this nor did I feel even feel worthy.

I am also serving as a Senior Care-giver and have a precious client that has been diagnosed with only one year left to live. I drive her to her chemo appointments and it breaks my heart watching her.  I hate needles…I didn’t know I was going to do this and asked why me God? Through my own fear, I realize now that God has put me in this woman’s life to bring her joy on her journey.

Let’s look at two women in the book of Ruth who had every reason to walk in fear. Naomi had lost her husband and her sons and everything she had.  All she had left were her daughters-n-law. However, even though they were dedicated to her and wanted to stay by her side, Naomi’s pleaded with them to leave. Oprah sobbed and left but even in her fear, Ruth stayed by Naomi’s side. Can you imagine the fear these two women must have been experiencing.

They were “going” without “knowing.”

In Ruth 1:16, Ruth says to Naomi, “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. I will go wherever you go and live wherever you live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.” NLT

When is the last time you said to God, “I will go wherever you go?” 

God may not be asking you to move from state to state or out of the country but he is probably telling you to get moving on the task He has set before you. God had to MOVE me. I would have stayed right in my own pity party and would have missed His calling…Not only did I have to surrender and die to myself but I had to literally move towards His calling in Houston, TX.

Are you answering God’s calling?

Are you walking in fear and self-preservation?

Do you think that Naomi and Ruth were fearful and would you have been in that situation?

I pray that you will all be listening to God’s calling and be able to walk without fear and doubt knowing that He has ordered your steps in life.

What stops you from moving forward with God?

What does self-preservation mean to you and has it affected your walk with the Lord?

What are some ways you can know what God is calling you to?

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