Honor and Provision…Beth Farley

Making good choices is sometimes difficult to do when we are among the godless or our current easy-going life is not being compromised.

The Lord says, “I have put before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life, that you may live.

Deuteronomy 30:19.

As I begin to zip into December I have taken some time to journal and reflect on this past year. Normally I don’t do this until the end of the year, but today the opportunity arose and I took advantage of it.

During this past year I have lost my job, moved from Missouri to Texas, lost everything I’ve owned, had my house on the market only to be vandalized by an X family member and I’ve been separated. I’ve had a kidney disease, gained 40 pounds because of medications and have had to make new friends and find a new church.

I have hurt much and cried even more. But, I have not take my eyes off of God.

Trusting him to be all-knowing and all-powerful is my personal journey with Him.

Trusting him to be God is the most essential thing to do when we are faced with changes.

As I continue to work on our Beyond I Do Bible Study and learn more about Ruth, I see more and more how even in those times when she was weary and tired, she kept her obedience in check and kept her eyes on God. We can do the same.
Join us Friday and we discuss two words, in our Beyond I Do Bible Study; Provision and Honorable. I will do my best to line out the words from God that if we stay obedient we can trust God’s provision. We will also discuss how Ruth was honored and provided for and hopefully reflect on our own lives and reflect on our own provisions from God.

We will go over Ruth 3:7-18 if you want to pre-read.

The questions to ponder: frog-with-a-question-hi
Have you ever felt honored and if so, would you feel comfortable in sharing what that felt like?

Have you ever felt dis-honored and if so, would you feel comfortable in sharing what that felt like?
What When you feel provided for, what does that mean?
Hope to see you on our Beyond I Do FB page on Friday. beyond I do picture

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