My Window Time…Beth Farley

Are you hanging out with God lately and if so, how? How do you spend time with Him?


 People would say that I’m crazy because every night since the beginning of January, I have been opening up my window for just a little bit before closing my eyes.

Before dozing off, I lay on my stomach on the bed I occupy, put my chin up to the artistic window sill and inhale some deep cleansing breaths. The arctic cold air gently blows onto my face. I can hear the needles of the pine trees swish in the frigid night breeze as I inhale some deep breaths. I watch the snow falling onto the roof or when we have clear nights I gaze at the stars twinkling above. As I ritually lay there with my little dog, I am in total peace and surrender. I thank God for the day I’ve just been blessed with and ask for the continued peace and strength to tackle what might lie ahead.


My window time allows me the time to think about my wishes. It reminds me that if I run after something that is meant for me, it will be there because God has already placed it there for me to have. It reminds me to take peaceful happy steps towards my existence, and not arrive anywhere I’m not supposed to be.


My window time reminds me that it is impossible for me to be doing what I am doing today, right at this very minute without God. I can easily become a huge mess without Him and to be honest, I NOW can’t wait to  spend time with him at the window.

I have been trying to sit with God for many months now and I have missed so many appointments with Him. The ones that I’ve attended in surrender, have been good, but lately it’s been rather difficult for me to settle myself down…


Why has it taken me so long to find this tender spot with Him? Why has it taken me so long to want to visit with Him? These are the questions I will ask Him when we meet again, tonight at during OUR window time.

1 Kings 6:4 NASB Also for the house he made windows with artistic frames.


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