Can’t Buy Me Love

Valentine’s Day will be very different for me this year. For those of you who are married, think about these questions Jennifer asks. Is it all about you?

Loved, chosen, & empowered

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This Valentine’s Day, do you find yourself pouting, fuming, frowning, maybe stomping around a bit? Or have you begun to place catalogs strategically throughout the house… opened to a particular page… with a certain necklace or bracelet circled in red?

Because it’s all about us, right??? It’s all about what makes us happy, what we desire… what we DESERVE!

Or is it? Today author Karen Jurgens challenges our thinking, encouraging us to go deeper.

 Can’t Buy Me Love

By Karen Jurgens

Love. The pink hearts and red roses on Valentine’s Day come around each year to remind us. Isn’t finding love and happiness one of our ultimate quests in life?

Valentine heartWe’re born into it. Oozing love, parents lavish hopes and dreams on their precious newborn sons and daughters. The kind of love that is strong enough for a lifetime.

So how does that…

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Buy Me Love

  1. Jennifer Slattery February 12, 2015 / 1:55 pm

    Beth, I’m sorry this Valentine’s Day might be a little tough for you. I hope you can make it special and maybe use it as a time to draw closer to Christ–a special date time for just the two of you. Hugs, my friend!


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