Enough is Enough!

When is it Enough?
As I think about the word enough, I ponder the significance of it in my life. Enough…What do I think about that word? What do you think about when you say enough? Who determines when it’s enough?

I’m fed up! I’ve devoted enough time towards some relationships and circumstances in my life. I’ve devoted enough time to…Well, I really don’t know if I have, come to think about it. Do I have that control? Do we have that control to decided when enough is enough?

Enough… I can’t stop exercising. I can’t stop my spiritual practices. I can’t stop loving my children and family, church and community. I can’t stop protecting the earth nor stop obeying the law.

Enough… I can say enough when something is not acceptable. I can say enough when you’re hurting me! I can say enough to your rules and religion.

When its time for me to walk away from a situation, I now walk away from it. Even if the situation is via phone call, texting or other social media. That’s when I shut down and allow my mind, my body, and my conscience to feel okay with enough!

I think about the obedient man, named Moses. He led the Israelites to the Promise Land. Do you think he ever said enough is enough God? I know the Israelites did! How many times did they not believe that there was even a Promise Land? Moses willingly gave up a luxurious life as a price to live among his own people as a slave (Hebrews 11:24-25) to encourage them. But he knew that their afflictions were not enough.

Moses spoke to the people all that God had given him to speak. The people needed to be reminded of their conduct that led them to their tedious wanderings and strengthened their obedience. He had not said enough yet! We too are brought through many situations in order to understand the advantages of obedience.

God eventually said enough though! The LORD our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain.” Deuteronomy 1:6

God tells us when to stay and endure and when to say enough and move on. The problem is that we often don’t know if we are saying enough or if God is.

beth new pic     My God knows when I’ve had enough! He knows when I need encouragement and strength. He knows when I am struggling with some self-esteem issues or battling with some depression. He shows me when I can move on.

So when we sit down and reflect on the word enough, reactivate your meditation time. Think about what you’ve had enough of. Throughout life it is necessary, from time to time, to stand back, become silent and redefine, reevaluate, and experiment, over and over again, with what we know or what we think we know. It is only then that we will know when we’ve had enough.

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