Blue Meditation


I’ve been in the hospital for about five days now. I’ve been here assisting with decision-making, supporting family members and generating laughter into a sometimes stressful situation.

I am now very familiar with this hospital. I know where all of the coffee stations are, the bathrooms are, and where the cell-service hot spots are.

I have been walking the same route every day; down one hall, over to the next hall, down two flights of stairs and back up. I walk it several times a day.

Yesterday, for some reason, I chose to walk a different path. Not sure of where I was, I glanced over to my right and saw a sign that read, “Meditation Room”.

Trying to be discrete, I quietly peered into the room. I looked around at the cobalt and aqua blue glass. The pieces were crafted into intricate patterns. It was breathtaking. The other wall was made of neutral shades of stone and wood. Below the stone stood a peaceful bird, boldly standing on a rock.                                                                                         FullSizeRender-24

As I sat I became aware of the sound of calming waters being piped into the room. It sounded like a babbling brook cascading over the rocks. I closed my eyes, and I pictured myself standing alongside the bird. Calmness and tranquility flowed through my body. I became unaware that my outside world was a bone-chilling, wind-gusting below-zero-day. I had also forgotten as to why I was there.I stayed in the present moment for much more than a moment. I didn’t allow my mind to wander to the numerous questions I had no answers to. I didn’t worry about my relationships, my career path or my broken heart. I didn’t worry about my health or the health of others.  I stayed in the NOW.

I think everyone should invest in the practice of daily meditation time. If I were able to design my own home, I would construct a  small meditation nook.

As Christians I ask, are we supposed to stay in the now? Are we supposed to meditate? Some say that meditation is not the right thing to do; meaning you are not supposed to rid your mind of your blessings or your thoughts of the heavenly Father.

Some Christians state that when we meditate, we are creating empty space and with that we may be allowing Demons to enter; Demons like empty spaces because they’re easier to fill. And…is meditating the same as worshiping a false god? I don’t think as Christians we should be that dogmatic on the subject. There are indeed gray areas and ultimately, the question of meditation is one that you will have to decide and only decide between you and God.

The benefactors of meditation are good.

  • Meditation helps us not to worry about what is going to happen tomorrow. Scripture also instructs us not to worry about tomorrow…(Matthew 6:34)
  • Meditation helps us to keep our body and mind well. Scripture instructs us to keep our bodies as a holy temple. (1 Corinthians 6:19)
  • Meditation helps us to stay positive. Scripture tells us to be positive. (Proverbs 17:22)
  • Meditation helps us remain cheerful. Scripture instructs us on how to be cheerful.(Ecclesiastes 3:12)
  • Meditation helps us be a better whole person. Scripture instructs us on how to be a whole person. (2 Corinthians 5:17)
  • Meditation helps us to remember our blessings. Scripture instructs us to count our blessings. (Psalm 118:1-18)

In my opinion, my kind of meditation is good. It allows me to be positive, keep cheerful, focus on being a better whole person and more importantly it helps me to place uncontrollable situations into their proper place. When I settle myself down to meditate, I am able to re-count all of my blessings.

What do you think about meditation?

Where are your thoughts?

Do you meditate and if so, how?

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