Sabbath or Nap?

Is honoring the Sabbath Day just a church thing? Is it a family day thing? Do we just honor it on Saturday or Sunday? Some think Sabbath time is nap time. What do you think?


While growing up, especially during Lent, every Friday around 4:00 we were instructed to come in from playing to reflect on all that God had done for us. It was a time of rest and meditation. As a child, this was torture. I wanted to be outside frolicking with my friends. But, now, I look back on that time and cherish the memory that my mom instilled in me. Take time to rest and be thankful to God for all that I have.ID-100260588

Now that I’m into my 50’s, I regretfully admit that I am not always consistent with the concept of keeping the Sabbath holy.  How about you? Are you forgetting to keep the Sabbath holy? Do you forget to reflect?

Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy. Exodus 20:8

The Sabbath commandment in Exodus 20:8-11 teaches us four things:

  • How are we commanded to keep it? Holy
  • When are we commanded to keep it? 7th Day
  • How are we commanded to keep it? Resting and reflecting.
  • And why? To reflect on God’s goodness and blessings.

If we work all week long, cram in house work around our office hours, and try to schedule in activities either for ourselves, spouse or children, how much time do we have left for the Sabbath? Question

It is impossible for me to take a whole day off from my job as I am a live-in care giver 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I have a very special friend that I take care of. He has Alzheimer’s and he and his family depend on me. I am very fond of him and enjoy working for him, but, if I don’t find time in my day for a mini-Sabbath, I will end up be filled with resentment, anger and darkness.

So how do I honor the Sabbath?

Almost every day, I slip upstairs for a short span of time, sit before His feet, reflect and journal. I cease all working and reflect on God’s goodness. It is never at the same time nor for the same length of time, but when the opportunity arises, I drop everything and seize the moment.   DogMeditation

God commanded that the seventh day be observed as the Sabbath. A glance at almost any dictionary or encyclopedia will show you that Saturday is the seventh day of the week, while Sunday is the first day of the week.  The seventh day according to God’s calendar is—and always has been—the Sabbath day. Although we have modified calendars through the centuries, the seven-day weekly cycle has remained intact throughout history. The days of the week have always remained in their proper order, with Sunday as the first day of the week and Saturday as the seventh. So, does this mean that you can’t observe the Sabbath any other day or even take a mini Sabbath? God wants our  attention and dedication any time we can give it.

Psalms 8:3-5- “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, {4} What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? {5} For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor.”

Sabbath is about attitude.

Deuteronomy 6:5- “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

Does God want us to dread the Sabbath? No! He wants it to be a blessing. But if we don’t have a love relationship with Jesus, we’ll be watching the clock. When the Sabbath approaches, we’ll be thinking, “Oh, heavens! I’ve got all this stuff to do. Is it Sabbath already? Now I don’t have time to do it.” That’s not the attitude God wants us to have. It’s as if the Sabbath is a burden rather than a blessing. It means we need a change in our hearts and attitudes.

I believe that it is the Devil’s plan to erode us with convictions regarding how we honor the Sabbath. He would much rather trip us up on the details on how, when and why so that we falter from spending ANY quality quiet time with Him.

God said, there is holy time. What did He mean? The word “holy” means something “dedicated, set apart, or consecrated to God.” And it’s clear from the Bible that some things are holy and should not be profaned or treated as common. Our Sabbath time with God should not be treated as common time. 

What does my Sabbath time mean to me?

My Sabbath time is a time of delighting and rejoicing in God.
My Sabbath time is a time for meditating on a scripture or two.
My Sabbath time is a time for asking for forgiveness.
My Sabbath time is a time of prayer.
My Sabbath time is a time of healing.
My Sabbath time is a time of resting in His love.

What does your Sabbath time look like? I would love to hear from you as I am hosting the discussion on Living by Grace; a Facebook

I keep my Sabbath time in perspective, when I don’t get all bogged down with the “do’s and don’ts.” I try very hard to practice the Sabbath commandment regularly so that the Spirit of the Sabbath commandment is genuine, holy and sanctified.

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