Only in Bingham, Maine, can you leave your wallet wide open while making the rounds visiting with friends throughout the diner. How does one possess that much trust? Do you trust others like that?

As I was coming out of the bathroom and making my way back to our table there it was, my mom’s wallet,flopped wide open on the table. I looked at the other end of the diner and saw how she was laughing with old high school friends without a care in the world. I quickly grabbed her wallet and put it into her purse, which was also left unattended on the bench.

20150329_123435Finally reaching my mom I scolded, “Mom, you left your wallet wide open on the table.” She replied, “Oh its fine; you can trust everyone in here.”

Trust is knowing the person that we have hired for the job, will do the job right. Trust is knowing that our elderly parents are being taken care of by a compassionate care-giver. Trust is knowing we can rely on the other person to do what they said they will do.

When we trust someone, we believe in their integrity and rely on their character.
We depend on them.

Because of circumstances in my own life, my trust has been jostled around. I tend to have some issues with a person’s integrity because I’ve been let down and betrayed. But there is one person I can put my open-wallet trust in, and that is God!

How can we learn to trust God with everything?ID-10083723

In order to trust God, we must seek Him first. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. We should not merely seek His blessings, but seek Him, there we will find our answers and rewards. 1 Chronicles 16:11

When seeking God, it is always recommended that we begin by reading the Bible. It is the best way to get to know this God that we can trust. The Bible is considered to be His life’s story; the story of grace and redemption through Jesus Christ.  The Bible is also our roadmap to life. Hebrews 9:12

The most important way to learn how to know and trust God is to pray. Getting to know someone takes a lot of time and persistence. The same goes for getting to know the Creator of our Universe; God.  Spending time in meditative prayer should be practiced privately and consistently. You can also take your prayer time a step further and get down on your knees, in total submission. I’ve fallen onto my knees plenty of times in submission with tears rolling down my face. It has always humbled me to get before Him that way. Ephesians 6:18

You may be saying, “All of these suggestions sound really good, but I have never understood what it means to trust God.” Trusting in God means that you’re not relying upon yourself, but on someone higher and greater than yourself. You’re giving the power of your own life over to Someone who unconditionally loves you. Psalm 36:5-7

The wallet was fine! Everything was safe and the people were indeed trusted. We too are fine and safe when we trust in God.

Will you put your trust in Him?


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