The Church Bells

Ever get caught up in a saying, sound or sight? Sometimes I can hear something or smell something that will trigger a past event. I love it when that happens, as long as it triggers something good.

Today I was up in my bedroom trying to write. The window was wide open. I welcomed the  smell the pine and the sound of the seagulls squawking.  My creative mind was dragging but I knew this was my only time of day where I could meet my writing goal.

Gripped with writers-block, I began asking, “What do I write about?” I jotted down a few words here and there, but nothing solid came together, until, I heard the bells.ID-100227420

Yes, 4:00 on a Tuesday afternoon I heard the melodious church bells ringing. The sound transported me back in time to a little church in the town of Bingham. There in that town, while growing up, every Saturday afternoon, my Grammy, mom and I would hold hands and walk to the 4:00 service.  Skipping along, I couldn’t wait to walk through the old rugged wooden doors and step into the musty church. The pews were dark splintered mahogany and were filled with nothing but older people. The carpet was torn, the paint was pealing and it was dingy. We would genuflect while making the sign of the cross before filing into our pew. The organist would begin to bang on the keys skipping beats while the choir would cackle in the balcony. They were awful. The priest would say the mass with a very strong French accent making it almost impossible to understand. And there I was, smiling from ear to ear, enjoying every minute of it.

Why did I enjoy this dark drab church where I didn’t understand what was being said? I enjoyed it because I loved the happy content look on my mom’s face. There we were, three generations, worshipping God with the cackling choir.MH900409444

I loved seeing the gigantic wooden cross hanging on the wall by the altar. I loved the sound of the bells that the altar boys would ring. I loved it because God was being worshipped and it was not about denomination but about the joy in my heart.

Why is it hard for many of us to recall good memories?

Many of us are more enthused with our grumbling, griping or constant complaining than we are about our stopping and reflecting on something good. Why is it that we get caught up in the crap or of our lives?stressed-at-work-200x194

It’s really not that hard to think of something positive that has happened. All it took for me today was the sound of a church bell. It may be a food that you’re eating, a song you’re singing or a place you’re visiting. When feeling like you can’t sit still, you need, more than ever, to stop and be still. Try to think about something that makes you feel good. Often in our silence we can discover the pleasant memories of our past.

I am not denominational. I am just in love with God.

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