When the Time is Right My Child


All in God’s timing; how many times have we sputtered those words to comfort someone and yet couldn’t grasp them for our own lives?

We want it now~that job, pay check, car, relationship. We want our life to change: When will I get what I long for?

God tells us to sit and if we truly listen to Him, we will wait. So we wait, sometimes patiently, sometimes anxiously~but~obediently we wait!

We must not fall back into old patterns of predicting His timing and what the future is going to hold, circling dates and asking God a million questions. We are to wait until we hear His still small voice before we act. Oh Lord, please forgive me when I make it more about me than You.

When the time is right my child!

In His timing, all will be revealed. Take action to perfect your imbalance, but be willing to move according to God’s timing, not your own.

Read 1 Chronicles 17:1-15

Be inspired as David waits on God’s timing concerning instructions on building the temple before God gives him the go-ahead.

Oh God, I’m so sorry when I can’t hear you say to wait. I jump with both feet first without thinking about what you want. Help me to put the hurts down and step forward in faith knowing the time will be right when you say so.20150614_144541

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