What’s more, I am changing your name. It will no longer be Abram. Instead, you will be called Abraham, for you will be the father of many nations.Genesis 17:5 NLT

running brook

Thought for the day: Is there something that you need to trust and plunge into?

During my recent visit to our family camp, I finally found it warm enough, not hot, but warm enough to entice me into the water. I am a swimmer and love the lake. Every time I visit camp, that’s all I want to do; plunge into the crystal clear blue water, swim, snorkel and float.

I am not a plunger though; I tip-toe in. First I get the toes in, slowly work the knees in, even more slowly step out to waist-high water then usually at that point, I will plunge. NOT THIS TIME!!! It was way too cold. From the shore my mom kept shouting, “Just plunge in.” I yelled back, “I’m too scared I’ll have a heart attack; it’s way too cold.”

Have you ever been faced with something enticing but difficult but you knew the only way to do it would be to just plunge in? Maybe it’s been a task at work, a ministry at church or in my case, a move to a new state.

I knew for well over a year that I needed to be with my mom but didn’t quite understand the direction my life was taking. I had to trust and just plunge in. This was a calling on my life and there was no negotiation. There was no sitting around waiting…This was a “GO” and it will be revealed later. This was a PLUNGE of FAITH.

We can look into Genesis 12:1-4 and see an example of God instructing Abram to GO. He told him to leave his country and family and go into a new land and promised to lead him and bless him there. Abrams was 75 years old. Can you imagine picking up your life and plunging into a move at the age of 75? I barely survived at 52…We know that at the end of the story Abram was blessed and his name was changed to Abraham, meaning: “Father of many nations” and those nations are blessed today because of his obedience to plunge in with both feet by faith.

We can easily bring up excuses to God as to why we can’t go all in. Instead of going, we hesitate a bit in fear of what might happen. I have not taken the plunge into the cold water yet, but I will. I DID however, take the plunge when God said, “Go to Maine.” Here I am, in a fantastic church, making great new friends, spending much-needed time with my mom and enjoying my life as it is. I’m trusting the journey.

Are You?


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