The Gift of Discovery

Thought for the Day: What are your words saying?


Have you ever found yourself saying, “I know what you need” or “I know what you should do?” It’s so easy to tell others what is best for them, but do we really know? How can we tell others what to do when we haven’t got a clue?

As my mom’s medical advocate and only daughter, I try very hard not to say those things to her. When I do, she will respond with, “It’s easy for you to say that. You’re not in my shoes.” I just want to help her make the best possible decisions but I’m not always right because it’s true…I’m not in her shoes.

It’s a gift of discovery when we realize saying those audacious statements could quite possibly take one away from their own spiritual destiny. Maybe she’s seeking God on her own??? Giving advice and making decisions for others or trying to map out their strategy is not our job. Now if my mom asks for advise or help, then I will try to help.

I am responsible for asking for guidance and direction from God before blurting out helpful hints but I don’t always do that. I can not go to others for help or advise unless she’s given me permission either. So what do I do? I pray and I wait. Again, I don’t always practice this but I try.

Sometimes waiting with a response gives my mom enough time to discern what is best for herself, or it allows her to make her own mistakes. Again, this is very difficult to do.

The gift of discovery helps others and us to trust in God’s direction. When we go through the imperfect process of our struggles and trials, that is when we can discover ourselves our destiny.

Do you need to back off and just pray about a response?livingbygracepic-jp

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