20150711_083251Moving from State to state, gliding from adventure to adventure graduating from job to job does not define my success. Not giving up my voice is my success in life!

There’s nothing inherently wrong with change or our desire to improve our condition or circumstances BUT…change doesn’t define us, it’s what we learn from the change that matters.

If we are asked to give up our voice in order to adapt to a new situation or new person, we may just whither up and did; which is what I did. I spent too many years being silent.

I forgot to tell others about my love for God. I forgot to tell others of His love for me and how He has never let me down. I allowed others to dictate how I should worship and even how I should conduct my relationship with Him.

We must never silence what makes us unique in order to appear successful towards others.

How do I feel successful?

1. I don’t silence the little girl laughter that coasts the surface.

2. I don’t silence the gift of gab that God has given me.

3. I don’t ever silence sharing the grace God gives me each day to start all over again.

All of the success, as big as the sky, fills my thoughts

I do not become them, but rather, become more of myself in His Grace.

Do you feel like you’re trying to prove yourself to someone? Feel like your success doesn’t measure up? Think deeply and pray earnestly for revelation of your unique self in Him.

beth 3

Song of Solomon 4:7 You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

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