Recycle Me for Your Service

Recycled into Service


Do you ever feel you’re not good enough to help others? Feel like you have too many flaws? Too much sin?

During different seasons of my life, I have felt as though I have had nothing to offer others, or I have felt very unworthy to help them. Have you ever been there?

But, I find that nothing can be further from the truth. In being more tuned into my life now, I find that I have these flaws in order to reach out to others that might be struggling with the same issues. My sins and hurts can be recycled into helping someone else. I love that.

Look at how today, we can take an old dirty, dented or even mangled can, melt it down and purify it into something fresh and useful. Well, aren’t we the same way?

God will take our destructive abrasive behavior and turn it into something fresh and new but only if we succumb to the process. It doesn’t happen without some work. We have to be able to go the distance allowing Him to remove our sanctimonious, self-indulgent, and mangled hearts and recycle them into helpful soldiers.

Our lives can be a continuous recycling project. The process leads us into service, helping others, praying for others, and reaching out to others. We need to share our victories.

Are you needing to be broken down and purified for His service? Is there someone who needs to hear your hurt?

“God, help us to bring all of our hurts and sins to you for the recycling purifying process to serve others.”beth 3

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