Slow Down the Rapid Information

ID-10083723I know that I write a lot about the benefits of meditation, but I just can’t help it. I find meditation to draw me closer to my mind’s thankfulness. It draws me closer to God and removes the fog that wants to settle into my mind.  What do you do when your brain is on overload or in a constant fog?

Several years back, as a librarian,  I went to a Seminar on book-talking. I was so nervous. I had not had much experience with public speaking and my boss was with me. Before it was my turn to get up and market my selection of books to a bunch of teen’s, which was way out of my comfort zone, I began to breathe deeply and meditate on the goodness of the opportunity, and  not the stress of watching the teens roll their eyes at me. This was my first “dabble” with meditation.

If our bran is on overload and struggling to achieve calmness, learning meditation is beneficial. Training attention through meditation helps us to control rapidly arriving incoming information. Information is everywhere we hear and look. It’s purpose is to help us but it does nothing but bombard us; overwhelms us and leaves us feeling foggy, anxious and exhausted.

Another, more personal example of the benefits of meditation that I’d like to share is my triumphant story.  I was incredibly sick three years ago with a kidney disease. It was painful and almost robbed me of my sanity and life. I was put on a two-and-a-half-year regimen of intrusive medicines which caused a lot of memory fog, body pain and sadness. In helping my overall well-being, I found that putting myself in the moment, striving for clear thoughts and peace so I began meditating. It brought me calmness and composure. BUT…when I took my meditation a step further by focusing on God’s promises for me, I really began to feel at peace; whole and complete.

Before I even get to my cross-legged pose and shut my eyes, I ask My Creator to relax my body and soul so that I can rid the negative and invite His positive. If we empty our thoughts when arising negativity begins to invade us over and over again, we don’t have to feel overcome by them; defined by them, or act on them. Meditate on God’s love for you and release the negativity.When we release the abrasive thoughts,  we are at the cross roads of our recovery. This release allows us to be more thankful to God for guiding us this far in our peaceful meditation especially when faced with turbulent times.


What are your thoughts on meditation? If you meditate, do you allow God into your being to help you focus on His goodness? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Join us in our conversation about meditation as I host on Livingbygrace. livingbygracepic-jp

God, I sit and focus on the beauty and goodness around me. I thank you for the unending invitation to come to you for help in processing all of the rapid information that impedes my bran every day. Helpmeet to remember that I am not defined by the yucky things in my life, but rather the love you instill in me.

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