Are You the Other Woman?


Ladies, have you ever caught yourself wanting to be like her? Worse yet, did you ever attempt to be her?

Oh how often I have made a rash decision to try to become the other woman. You know the thin one, the one with the straight white teeth and perfect skin? How about the one who holds down the corporate job, has dinner on the table and still has time to read to her children before going to bed?

Have you ever tried to be the woman who wants what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it even if it’s the woman you can never be? I know I have and it did nothing but compromise my values and torture my heart. I wanted it so badly that I would have compromised my worth. That’s a deep dark want.

I don’t have him. I can’t have him. I don’t have that house; I can’t have that house. I don’t have that waistline and I most certainly can’t have that waistline at the age of 53. I don’t have that income nor those perfect crisp clothes.


An all loving God that knows what I want is NOT what’s best for me. He hears my sad voice crying and pleading and sometimes downright arguing with Him about something that I really want…and yet…He continues to love me and forgives me for wanting what is just not to meant to be mine.

What should I do?

Be happy with being single. Be happy with my little apartment. Be happy with my job choice and be happy being near family. I should be happy with the woman God created me to be, whatever that means. Single, maybe a little overweight, alone most often and private? Sure, why not. If that is how I’m supposed to be and if that’s good enough for God, then why am I not good enough for me?


I am happy being single. I am happy with my little apartment. I am happy with my job choice and I am happy being near my family; I am happy being a little overweight and I am happy being alone most times. I am good enough for me.

If you are struggling with trying to be the other woman, please don’t let the desire compromise who you really are. We are all given talents and abilities and if we would just learn to work with what we’ve been given, then we would be a much happier woman and feel good enough for ourselves.

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