Camping Out With Holiness


Thought: Who Are You Camping With?

“Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy” Leviticus 19:2

Recently I was encouraged to keep on praying; to dig back into the Word for answers and to remain faithful. I have to admit that sometimes I will go a spell without studying the Word. I’ll look up a scripture, but I won’t study it; I won’t read the verse before or after…I’ll just take what I’m looking for and run with it. But, that’s not the way to really know the Word of God. It’s okay to memorize it that way but in order to really know God, we should be camping out with Him, not only reading a verse here or there but really soaking in the whole context. We should also be talking to Him and more importantly, listening to Him.

I was reminded in the book of Leviticus that we were made in God’s image and we were created to have a close relationship with Him. Okay, don’t get mad at me here fellow Christians but to me….this does not mean being in church. The fellowship I’m talking about here is our own relationship with God. It’s about how we are spending time with Him. We were created to have fellowship with Him, sing to Him, glorify Him and be one-on-one with Him. When our fellowship is broken, we fall astray, walk down the wrong paths and are in need of restoration.

We all seek restoration in various ways. Some may find it in being alone with the Word of God, some may find it in singing unto God, and some may find it in writing thoughts and prayers to God. It’s a personal relationship, therefore, no one should judge how you prefer to commune with Him. I am a writer and I write every day for him on my blog but I also have my own little personal journal where I will talk to God about my deepest concerns, confess my sins and pray heartfelt prayers for my family and friends.

Also in Leviticus, the Israelites camped at the foot of Mount Sinai to listen to God; they were being instructed on how to be holy. I didn’t realize that the word holiness is mentioned more times (152) than in any other book of the Bible. God calls us to live our lives as holy. How can we live a holy life if we are not spending time with Him?

Again, and I mentioned this in yesterday’s blog, Hanging with Debbie-Downers, we need the encouragement of other like-minded people. We need special days of worship and celebration with other Christians who will walk with us through our rough days…BUT, we really need our one-on-one-camping-out time with God.

Where are you in your communion time with God? Are you spending time with Him, camping out waiting for Him to respond to a prayer request? How do you get close to God? Please share with us as I lead this discussion on living by grace.


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