Please Put Down the Toilet Seat


Lessons from a Toilet Seat

Heading to the camp, I decided to stop along the way to use the restroom. Men…Please put the seat down. It’s so irritating when a woman has to go, especially in a public restroom. If I hadn’t had to go so badly, I would have skipped this process; but I couldn’t hold it.

BUT…the uplifted seat and yellow water got me to thinking about my own imperfections. I am so far from being perfect. I may not leave the seat up, but guess what? I forget to put the cap on the toothpaste and I cook with most of the cupboard doors open. He lined up all of his shoes, kept exact change in his pocket and constantly cleared his throat. Imperfections! That’s all they are. They don’t define us, they are just a part of us.

So, in our own imperfections, how can we learn not to judge or base our love on those idiosyncrasies?

I have not mastered this at all. I am a nit-picker and I can drive people crazy with so many quirky things. If I can forget about my own imperfections, why can’t I forget about his? Who am I to think I am any better than he? What can we do to cope and not judge the imperfections of others?

First of all, we can be deliberate in our choice of words. Our words can destroy or lift up others.

Accept that we are human and humans have flaws. I am forced to be humble when I see my own flaws and take time to accept the imperfections of others and love them anyway.

Be sure of your direction. Walk alongside those who need our strength and love. Walk the journey with them even when they scrape their plates or rake their forks along their teeth.

Make sure you laugh together. If I left the cupboard doors open, he laughed and shut them behind me. When I emptied his pockets and found the exact change, I laughed.

Having flaws, being vulnerable and being imperfect is just part of the cornerstone of being real. Some things we need to continue to work on and others we need to just let go of.

If the toilet seat is up, just put it down because hopefully he will find the cap off your toothpaste and put it back.

Have some pet peeves? Having trouble finding your own imperfections? How do you handle the habits of someone that rubs you wrong? Come and share with us as I host today’s discussion on


For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.

beth 2

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