Lessons Learned From The Ole Sea Nymph

In-Between Emotions

boat on dock

While I was waiting on God to show me where I was needing to be heading, little did I know that I was being filled with His presence during my in-between juncture.

One of the hardest parts of waiting on God to heal our hearts is allowing Him to shows us how to let go of what is old and familiar and be willing for Him to fill our empty hands once we let it go.

I was so used to being filled with anger and hurt; they became comforting and familiar emotions. They were my safe zone? Been there?

I gazed upon the Ole Sea Nymph aluminum boat and looked at the Johnson 9.9 motor.  I can do this…I Lowered the boat towards the water while observing all of the steps involved in taking it out onto the lake. Situated and ready to start the process, I realized I not only had no gas tank in the boat, but the boat plugs were missing. Pretty important things to have if you want to get a boat out onto the water. Thank God I noticed it before I stepped into the boat; that could have been one huge sunken mess.

I was in-between emotions. My confidence quickly turned into fear with disappointment and deflation right behind.  

Sometimes we have to find other avenues in getting out of the in-between emotions. Sometimes we have to trudge through the anxiety and fear, even though these behaviors have protected us and served us well for a long time.

Not knowing where the gas can was or how to hook up the gas lines, I asked myself, “Am I going to sit here in-between feeling deflated and disappointed or am I going to get out in the water with this boat?” I firmly twisted the boat plugs in, lowered the boat once again, grabbed the oars and paddled out towards the middle of the lake.

Being stuck in-between stinks but, if we evaluate our possibilities we can row from here to there and learn from how we prevailed while being in-between.IMG_1158

2 Timothy 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity

but of power and love and discipline.


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