My Loss of Luster

Beth, I want you to detach..Jesus recently whispered those words into my heart.Bible_paper

Have you needed a break from life but didn’t quite know how to detach?

I’ve had a tarnished heart over the last month or so and I finally had to just get-out-of-town to detox and allow myself to become clean.

When you think of the word tarnished what do you think of? I think of “flawed” or “blemished.”

It was not by chance that I read one of the daily reflections from the Diary of St. Faustina where God spoke to her about detaching herself from all creatures but more importantly, detaching from herself!

It made me ask myself, “Beth how can you delight in the love of God with a pure love when you are so full of yourself and so concerned about what other’s think?”

What exactly is the definition of tarnished? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, it means: Lose or cause to lose luster, especially as a result of exposure to air and moisture. Discolor, rust, oxidize, corrode, stain, dull and blacken. I tend to lose my luster especially when I am exposed to others that are rusted as well.

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling in my heart.
▪ loss of luster
▪ discolored ▪ rusted
▪ oxidized ▪ corroded
▪ stained ▪ dull
▪ blackened

Once I finally identified with these feelings, what did I do with them? I began to detached from each feeling…I began writing and soul-searching. I began to allow God to speak to me through meditation, quiet and writing.

I then found the urge to honor the glory of God. I began to cry out with enthusiasm and fidelity to my wonderful Lord. I began to seek the blessed Prince of Heaven with holy joy and finally regained my zeal for His grace.

How about you? Are you feeling oxidized, rusted or corroded with guilt or sin? Do you lack luster for the Lord?ID-10083723

Oh Lord, How beautiful you are. O Lord in heaven, cover me with your protective armor so that I might not become dulled or blackened in heart again.

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