Being Thankful for my Hands


hands of hope


I am an advocate of loving seniors. I am a insistent on giving them all I possibly can give. It’s the gift that God has given me and I cherish it.

Back in my early 20’s I became very involved in volunteering at a local nursing home. As part of my home-school-curriculum with my children, we would visit the elderly twice a month. I wanted my children to learn that it’s okay to become older; to have wrinkly skin and be in wheelchairs. I wanted them to know that one day they will be a precious senior in a wheel chair also in need of someone to listen to their stories.

As my family moved around and my professions changed, I never stopped engaging with the elderly. In one form of another, my hands and heart have been fixated on serving them. I have worked as a Certified Nurses Aide in nursing homes; worked for the library facilitating out-reach programs for seniors and have gone door to door singing to seniors at Christmas time. They truly have my heart.Alzheimers_friend_zpsea9b8729

Recently I created a picture of hands in my collage circle class and while pondering over the picture I realized that I am so very thankful for my hands. I am so thankful that I have the hands and heart that God has given me to help the elderly. I am so thankful that my hands can do the things in which God would like for them to do. I am so thankful that I have the tender loving hands that will reach out to any needy senior that I can. I am so thankful that although my hands get struck by eczema at times, they still continue to do all that they can to bring joy to a senior.

We all have our ministries. We all have a desire to help someone in need. Sometimes we use our gifted hands to help others and sometimes we just fold them together in prayer for others.

Look at your hands today. Is there someone that needs you to reach out and touch them?

My hands will continue to deliver the stories that God has asked me to write. My hands will continue to help my favorite elderly friends for as long as I can.

Thank you Lord for my hands.Thank you that you have given me the very tender spirit to help the seniors in need. I pray that I will always be able to look use these hands for your glory.

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving and remember, your hands were created to help others.


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