Sharing Christmas Traditions

christmas kids

It’s kinda fun to listen to the different holiday traditions people have and how they make every effort to keep them alive year after year. For instance, although I’ve been divorced and my three grown kids live very far away, my one my daughter that can get home for Christmas asked, “Mom can we dip the pretzels and make our popcorn dish? Oh and mom, don’t forget to make your famous chip-dip on Christmas Eve.”

I look back and reminisce about the day’s on the farm in Kansas when my kids got goats for their first Christmas there. I think of when we lived in the city and how they all got shiny bikes for Christmas. So many memories flood my mind as I age, but, lately, I wonder what they remember and treasure?

Do they think of all of the candle-light Christmas Eve services I took them to? Do they remember opening the Christmas Advent boxes I hung on a tree? Inside I tucked inside a scripture and piece of candy? Do they remember being in church musicals, singing Christmas carols, partaking in youth Christmas parties and do they remember the blessing of the wreaths?

Each one of them have grown up into such good, loving individuals. They’ve learned to endure big hardships and carry on with their lives. They’ve become very supportive of their mom’s silly antics and talk to me like best friends do; sharing secrets and giggling. Oh and the best part…When they do get to come and see me, they don’t hesitate to jump onto my bed with me and sip some coffee and gab.

This Christmas season, don’t forget to continue your traditions. Don’t forget to share your stories with your family. Try to let go of the ugly relationships you might have and become friends again. Savor the season…before you know it, the gifts will have been opened, the paper will be picked up, the roast beef will have been eaten and the sadness will settle in…UNLESS you remember to keep Jesus alive in your heart every day until the next Christmas rolls around.

Shannon, Chris and Emma, I love you more than anything and am blessed to have you so involved in my life. You have all made me very proud. Mom


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