Mercy Me…Beth Farley

vera bradley

How much mercy do you have? Mercy and the concept of mercy appears to be a word that God is making me focus on. I have gone through the Bible and have looked up 33 verses that contain the word mercy in them and am challenging myself to memorize those verses. Why? Because sometimes I don’t display much mercy towards others. You did the crime; you do the time!

The first verse I would like to write about today is 2Sam. 24:14
David said to God, “I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the LORD, for his mercy is great but do not let me fall into the hands of men.” (NIV)

When I can’t see the other side of the story or feel distressed and am to stubborn to be forgiving, I’m usually following man’s perception of mercy, not God’s. In the past I have found myself wanting to hog my feelings and push others away just because I was tired, angry, frustrated, sad, anxious or depressed.

Just when I thought I had a better handle on this, I found myself smack dab in the middle of being without mercy with my dog; my favorite friend! How could I do this to my faithful furry friend?peek for vera bradley

There she was on the couch hogging my new monogrammed Vera Bradley blanket that my daughter gave me for Christmas. It’s my new special blanket and I don’t want to share it. I was cold, frustrated about something and looked at my snoring dog all curled up in my blanket and said aloud, “That’s got MY initials on it not yours so get off.” With that, I gently pushed her away as I hogged the blanket and curled up with it. I looked over at her cute little eyes and immediately scooped her up and put her under the blanket with me. I felt terrible; she had mercy on me and loved me just the same.

When you want to hog your feelings of distress and have no desire to show mercy, reevaluate the situation and scoop up some scripture time, hunker down under the warm blanket with Jesus and ask Him to reveal to you how to have mercy towards others.


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