In the Dust I Humble Myself


prayer with crossPhoto by graur razvan ionut.


The prayer of St. John XXIII

Only a few hours more and this year too will come to an end and pass into history. I too finish the year and await the New Dawn with joy…I go down on my knees before my God and recalling his kindness to me this year. I humble myself in the dust and thank Him with all my heart.

A new year is here. We have been given God’s mercy to write our own spiritual history. I however, will get on my knees more now than ever asking Jesus for His continual mercy and guidance upon my life. Why now?

Now, because I’m rediscovering a new love relationship with Him; one filled with humility and mercy of my own. I will not hold onto the worlds wondrous schemes; but rather make a positive, deep soul changing deal with God to be a better light towards others; to be warmth during their dark season because God was my warmth during may dark seasons.

In Ecclesiastes 3:19-22; Solomon acknowledges that God has given people the hope of eternity. We have a unique purpose for our lives and when one person is struggling to see that or feel that for themselves, it is our place to step in and help them. Psalm 103:8-14 reminds us  of God’s gracious mercy and compassion. We are reminded that we came from dust but we all have purpose. When we are fragile and fail Him, His mercy takes everything into account. We are human and He knows that. Now go share that with others whom you know are justifying their sinful nature. Walk along side of them; remind them that you too are a sinner and God’s mercy is trustworthy.

The miracle of new beginnings is to step out in His mercy and explore. There are so many opportunities out there to share God’s love without being abrupt, hollow or in-thier-face. Show mercy towards others as He shows mercy towards you.

I love the line above in the prayer of St. John XXIII…”I humble myself in the dust and thank Him with all my heart.” What does that mean to you? Humble yourself in the dust? I’d love to hear what you think about that line; please share your thoughts.


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